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Iā€™m Luis

A frontend engineer in search of making a better world through software, and advocate of a nature driven humanity.

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Scroll to anchor on dynamic interfaces
Custom snackbar with notistack
How to install Laravel Telescope on a dedicated database
Css Exclusions
Scroll Snap Property
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MKD Automotive

Web application that managed data internally and provided a dashboard where this data could be visualized easily.

Universo Parkour

Web for Universo Parkour, an sports club that teaches people of any age how to practice and train Parkour.


Domicolor is a web app for extracting and displaying dominant colors from an image.

Fountain Me

Web application that provides information and data about drinking fountains in Seville.

URL Saver

Url Saver is a chrome extension that helps you to organize and save current pages in order to read/check them later.

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