Scroll Snap Property

Introduction Popular products that require a a well-controlled scroll system make use of Javascript to divide the sections of the scrollable content in order to display it always in the viewport. What these products try to achieve is a paging experience. Because it is more appealing to a user to scroll like pages rather than controlling by itself the scroll. So what this means after all is: is better to make sections that list items with a controlled scroll than letting the user to scroll it.

Vue Next Version 3

Vue’s next version (3.0) changes and features As the time goes on, all major browsers have adopted ES2015 and a lot features that Vue tries to solve are already solved in this language version, so Vue will get rid of this features and leverage on those implemented in the language itself in order to make the core of the framework smaller, faster and more powerful. High-level API changes Regarding the API of the framework everything is gonna be untouched except for render functions and scoped-slots which will probably change their syntax.