How to install Laravel Telescope on a dedicated database

Pre-installation One of the dependencies that telescope requires is “moontoast/math” which in fact requires a php extension called “bcmath”: // "moontoast/math" - "composer.json" "require": { "php": ">=5.3.3", "ext-bcmath": "*" }, This php extension is easily installable on Ubuntu by just running: sudo apt install php-bcmath Once you have that extension installed, you are ready to require via composer the Telescope package by running in your project’s root: composer require laravel/telescope --dev

Sending emails through SMTP with PHP

Hi, this is my first blog post, and I am going to describe the process (that I recently had to take) to send emails with PHP and using a SMTP server. First of all what we need is a SMTP Server that we can get freely in Gmail or other Free Mail Services such as Zoho. Once signed up you need to know the server settings and credentials, usually the smtp server is a subdomain of said service so for example in Gmail the smtp would be: smtp.